The Cool Science Behind Developing Photographic Film

Destin Sandlin does a really great job explaining how film works and is lab developed in this video.  Well worth a watch! Engineer Destin Sandlin of Smarter Every Day explains the very cool science behind developing rolls of photographic film. This has become a bit of a lost Source: The Cool Science Behind Developing Photographic FilmRead more

Why I RARELY Shoot Wide Open (How to Separate the Subject from the Background) – YouTube

Mostly I  don’t watch videos about photographic techniques (not because I know everything, but I kind of like to do my own thing and not copy others) but this was a really great video by Kebs Cayabyab that shows 5 ways to separate your subject from the background without using shallow depth of field.   You should watch this 7 minute video! TL/DR,DW here they are:  Light/Shadow –  Use selective lighting to show your subject to the viewer Colors – FindRead more

DIY Photo Project: Create beautiful abstract photos with polarized crystals – YouTube

I saw this video on making colorful images of crystals by using a cross polarizing technique and thought I’d save it for reference.   But the principle is very simple – use two polarizing filters  – one on either side of the subject.  Maybe you could actually use anything that has a very small change in thickness that light can pass through – plastic sheet that you heat and press patterns into, whatever. DP review TV produced the video.Read more

A Simple Trick to Get Perfect Skin Tones Every Time in Post

Source: A Simple Trick to Get Perfect Skin Tones Every Time in Post Oh wow! I thought this was a great video with some great info on skin tones, and dang I guess I need to figure out how to edit my stills in video editing software now!  Still don’t do video but I imagine sometime soon I’ll get started. by the way, the The No Film School looks to be a fantastic resource.Read more