8×10 film vs IQ4 150mp | On Landscape

8 years ago I was fascinated by Tim Parkin’s article comparing film to the then best digital medium format backs – and one of the reasons I began to explore film in a more serious way.  I’m excited to see that he’s recently updated this with a new comparison of 8×10 film to the 150mp digital backs.  For me this is a re-confirmation of what I’ve already found myself while shooting 6×6 mf, 4×5 and 8×10 LF film.  Besides theRead more

MTF – The English Translation

This post contains absolutely no mathematics. Explaining MTF without math is sort of like doing a high-wire act without a net. It’s dangerous, but for any number of reasons is more likely to keep the audience interested. Why Am I Doing This Again? I wrote an article on reading MTF charts several years ago. It […] Source: MTF – The English TranslationRead more

Film Simulation vs Actual Film: Fuji ACROS Comparison

Interesting film vs digital comparison posted on Peta Pixel by Dale Rogers.  This is with the new version of the Fuji Acros pitted against the same film emulation on the Fuji digital camera.  Different lenses but similar equivalent focal length.   What do you think?  In most cases I actually liked the real film shots better. The recent release of the Fujifilm XPro3 camera coincided with me getting some recently re-released Fujifilm ACROS 100II film. Given my love of Fujifilm Source:Read more

Developing 120-Year-Old Photos found in a Time Capsule — Mathieu Stern

Recently I picked up this thread about finding some 120 year old glass plates in a time capsule and watched the video on YouTube which was pretty fascinating and worth the watch them printed with Cyanotype.  Honestly I’m pretty amazed that glass plate negatives from 120 years ago could print so well, and not at all surprised the that image was of the family pet, but pretty impressed with the craft employed by the photographer… getting correct exposure and compositionRead more

Flash Bulbs – The Lowdown! – The Film Photography Project

Many of the older flash bulbs had more power than electronic camera mounted flash units and some argue better quality of light.  I’ve not used them much, but am really curious. Here’s an article on the Film Photography Project page that I read recently after a customer asked me about where to find flash bulbs. The Lowdown on Flash Bulbs Guest blog by Steve Ringrose Editor’s Notes: Millions of vintage cameras (especially the Kodak Instamatic cameras here in the USRead more