Narciss: a 16mm film SLR Soviet camera

Source: Narciss Soviet KMZ 16mm camera I’ve been reading about older KMZ products since I’m importing their new lenses and cameras to the US.   This site is a great resource btw. I just stumbled across this really cool camera, the Narciss, which is a small stylish SLR that shoots 16mm movie film.  The camera was originally supplied with spools to allow you to load movie film onto, and even a small developing tank was included.  It has a detachable viewfinderRead more

THE TINHOLE CAMERA | Analog- & 3D-Prints

Here’s a really neat 3D printed tin can pinhole camera (designed by Christopher that you can load a roll of 35mm film into and shoot with.  What’s really cool is how he has printed gears to advance the film inside the can.   btw – He’s selling the parts for these cameras for about 20 Euro on his website, link below.   Source: THE TINHOLE CAMERA | Analog- & 3D-PrintsRead more

Best of 2020: Top 60+ Photographs From Around the World

Modern Met Team has published what they consider the Top 60 photos from this year (2020) which has been exceedingly unusual.  As a former photo contest jurist I’m always curious to see what other groups deem as top imagery.     I’m somewhat surprised to see so few images with people and/or connected to the Covid.  I guess maybe we are all over the Covid, don’t want to see any more about it right now?  That perhaps explains all the animalsRead more

Getting usable negatives from Fuji FP-100c and other instant pack film

Luckily I’d heard that this was possible from another Eric at the Photocenter in San Francisco and kept a lot of my old negative backings from my shots.  I’m going to have to try this.  I had been mostly scanning the prints to have digital files, but now I’m curious to see if there is more detail in the negatives – sounds like there could be. The bleach needs to have chlorine in it to remove the backing so youRead more

First Commercial Curved CMOS Sensor from Startup CURVE

Source: Image Sensors World: First Commercial Curved CMOS Sensor from Startup CURVE This is really interesting and I wonder how far into consumer and prosumer cameras this kind of sensor will migrate to.  The curvature of the sensor provides a lot of potential benefits including smaller lighter lenses with higher maximum aperture, less CA, and light falloff/color cast.  But if I understand this correctly, implies a fixed focus lens set up since you’d ideally want the sensor curve tuned toRead more

Russian Camera and Lens Maker Logo’s Reference page

I’m importing Zenit Lenses since 2019 to the US and I have been studying the different makers.  I found some useful info on Logos and Factories on the Alfred Klomp website and wanted to save it here.  Maybe someone else out there is also a fan of Russian lenses?   I mean they are great tools for making creative images. Some are sharp but sharpness isn’t the point – the way a lens renders colors and the OOF areas can beRead more

Flange to Sensor Distance table for modern digital cameras.

Source: Guide to Understanding Flange Focal Distance from BrianSmith Pictures Understanding flange focal distance is really simple, so the reason why I’m sharing this page is because it has a really great table with flange to sensor distance for a lot of modern cameras.  Having this info at hand can tell you if a lens can be adapted to another camera and still focus to infinity. Some quick takeaways – Shortest flange to sensor full frame camera right now isRead more