“all lenses are sharp… but modern lenes lack flavor”, Hong Kong camera guardian David Chan 

Here’s a camera store and collector that I’d love to meet someday!  Short video worth watching even just for the camera ‘porn’. He says something interesting to me (in the text translation anyhow) that “all lenses today are sharp”, but that modern lenses can lack flavor and can’t produce the unique texture that vintage lenses could. I think might be true.  Many of the modern lenses are very well corrected, and perhaps some of the aberrations in older lenses areRead more

DIY Photo Project: Create beautiful abstract photos with polarized crystals – YouTube

I saw this video on making colorful images of crystals by using a cross polarizing technique and thought I’d save it for reference.   But the principle is very simple – use two polarizing filters  – one on either side of the subject.  Maybe you could actually use anything that has a very small change in thickness that light can pass through – plastic sheet that you heat and press patterns into, whatever. DP review TV produced the video.Read more

3 Cool Camera designs by David Miller and Benjamin Hoffmann that I’d like to see built!

These are apparently the fruit of thesis work, but I’d love to see these built since they have some cool ideas.   The box like camera on the left is called the Burst camera and takes 3 rapid exposures on one instax frame.   The idea isn’t totally new since Polaroid One Step + can do it, but it’s still cool.  The camera I really want is the Slitscan which you can read about if you follow the link, but is likeRead more