“all lenses are sharp… but modern lenes lack flavor”, Hong Kong camera guardian David Chan 

Here’s a camera store and collector that I’d love to meet someday!  Short video worth watching even just for the camera ‘porn’. He says something interesting to me (in the text translation anyhow) that “all lenses today are sharp”, but that modern lenses can lack flavor and can’t produce the unique texture that vintage lenses could. I think might be true.  Many of the modern lenses are very well corrected, and perhaps some of the aberrations in older lenses areRead more

The Rilex: A little known American made press view camera

I came across Giovanni Savino’s blog post today detailing the Rilex press camera – a camera I’ve never even heard of until now.  Made from polished cast aluminum and machined parts, it’s a neat little camera for sure and simply amazing that a husband and wife team built over 800 of them on their own perhaps in their evenings.  This takes 2.25 by 3.25 sheet film (6×9 ?).    I have a Grafmatic 6 sheet holder that I bought forRead more

Wehman 8×10 camera

I recently acquired a Wehman 8×10 Field Camera second hand from Laura C. and it’s really an amazingly light and sturdy camera that folds up into itself and is easily carried into the field.     Sadly these are no longer in production, but you can view them and the instructions and other details on Mr. Wehman’s site. He’s also a talented photographer and has some of his work up in galleries that you should check out too.   The WehmanRead more