New rules on small drones: What you need to know – LA Times I don’t actually own a drone and I have mixed feelings about getting one.  Sometimes I think it would be really great to have the overhead perspective available.  But it seems nearly every week I read about some person doing something selfish and reckless with their drones and I don’t want to follow the siren’s call and get seduced by that tech and do something silly or dangerous with it.  But no doubt about it, they are very coolRead more

ACLU Releases List of Rights of Photographers

ACLU Releases List of Rights of Photographers You have broad rights to photograph in public.  Confrontation with citizens and authorities when you are photographing has become more frequent since 9/11. Police have been particularly sensitive to being filmed or photographed after Ferguson et al.  It’s a good idea to become familiar with laws and your rights so you can act professionally if confronted and hopefully defuse the situation.   The ACLU has put together a good list and review here:Read more