Schneider Makro-Symmar-MSR120 plus Robert Otoole’s Close-up Photography

I’m back to thinking about macro work and possibly doing some scanning and have found that the Schneider Makro Symmar Iris lenses get used in industrial applications often paired with line scanners.  Sometimes you can find them on ebay for a song.   While searching for info on the Makro Symmar line-up, I happened across Robert OToole’s site and blog.  He’s got a lot of great information about a number of macro lenses, and also some fantastic close-up work – well worth a visit.

Source: Schneider Makro-Symmar-MSR120 — Close-up Photography


Please visit his website to see his fantastic work – his blog is also a great resource.

By Robert Otoole - Please visit his website to see his fantastic macro work

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