Other blogs and forums

Other blogs and forums that I read (not every day – I’m not crazy!)

  • PetaPixel   I like the variety of posts on this blog
  • Large Format Photography Forum  There are a lot of very experienced LF photographers here – I’m learning a lot from them.
  • Photrio.com – (formerly APUG.org)  Same as above – Very good source for film-centric information.
  • F-stoppers  – Some interesting stuff here, lots of analog stories
  • The Phoblograher.com  –  Lots of information about both new and older cameras (mostly digital, but some film) posted regularly.
  • Lenscratch – This is more about the art and artists than about gear
  • Ming Thien Photographer – An amazingly talented individual with excellent insight, clear writing, and most importantly fantastic photo work
  • The Online Photographer – Mike Johnston – Very cogent and unbiased information here about a broad range of photography subjects.
  • Steve Huff – I like his Film Friday section the best but lots of good stuff here
  • Luminous-Landscape – this was the go-to place for professionals and users of medium format digital backs.  I spent most of my time in these forums in the last years, but lately, it has been taken over by internet trolls so it’s not as good as it used to be.
  • Photo Aesthetics Interesting articles on gear, art, photographers and more – by Mark Dubovoy and Jim Taskett and additional high profile guest writers.
  • Image Sensors World –  This blog is a great resource of information about image sensor tech
  • http://blog.kasson.com/   Jim Kasson is a wonderful photographer with very deep technical insight
  • Photo.net –  This is one of the first forums I started to read years ago.  Don’t let its outdated format fool you – this is a good resource with many talented and knowledgeable posters and decades of searchable information in it.   I don’t visit that often anymore but its a great resource.
  • TheCreatersproject – Creativity, Arts, and Technology
  • Emulsive –  A comprehensive photography but obviously film centric blog – lots of great articles
  • Hispan’s Photoblog – Very in depth articles on different gear, great photos, community.