Depth of Field, Angle & Field of View, & Equivalent Lens Calculator – Points in Focus Photography

Depth of field and equivalent lenses tool on Points of Focus This is a really cool tool that I found today while looking for a quick way to find the equivalent lenses for different formats.   For example, full frame DSLR equivalents to my Rolleiflex/Schneider 300mm f/4 APO PQ lens, would be a 164mm f/2.2 lens.  Equivalents for that same lens in my Olympus OMD E5 and 8×10 Linhof cameras would be 82mm f/1.1 and 1232mm f/16 respectively! This toolRead more

Gerhard Steidl Is Making Books an Art Form – The New Yorker

My wife handed me her Newyorker magazine saying that there was something about photography in it that I might like to read.  It was in fact a very interesting article on one of the best photo book publishers.  A bit of a longer article but highly recommended. Gerhard Steidl is the printer whom the world’s best photographers trust most. Source: Gerhard Steidl Is Making Books an Art Form – The New YorkerRead more

Quick Comparison: Noritsu LS-600 vs Kodak F135Plus

I have a Pakon 135+ scanner for 35mm film and it works very well since you can feed it a whole roll of film at a time, but I’ve wondered what else is out there and thought this comparison was pretty useful.  Wish there were something similar for 120 films! Source: Quick Comparison: Noritsu LS-600 vs Kodak F135PlusRead more

Photoshop Color Matching Technique on Vimeo – Great technique!

Russell Brown dropped this color matching tutorial in photoshop using the RGB channels and its really quite amazing – fast and easy.  Maybe this is what I have been looking for to get the colors right on my color negative ‘scanning’? It is easy to shoot a negative over a lightbox but inverting the negative and adjusting black and white points doesn’t get you to the right colors because of the orange film carrier and also because well it’s film.Read more