Color Management on Windows 11

Source: How to configure Firefox color management

I’m working on getting my new Windows 11 machine up and running with a new to me Wacom 24 touch display.  It seems like I’m not getting all the DR that the Wacom screen has that I saw when it was connected to my Mac so I’m trying to figure it out – first time on the Windows platform in a long time.  Love the machine … i9-12900k with 3080 GPU and 3 fast NVME SSD’s and 128gb DDR5 ram.    It’s so much faster than my Mac, but I’ve got a transition to make and some learning to do.  The Wacom could run connected to the motherboard, or connected to the GPU where I have it now.  But when I look at the display settings, it shows the Wacom as a generic 8bit PnP display connected to the Nvidia 3080.  I just figured out I can change the Nvidia settings from 8bit to 10bits via the Nvidia control panel.  But what I find odd is that it doesn’t actually say it’s a Wacom DTH 2420 that’s connected.   Feel certain the Mac would report that.  How do I know it’s using the Wacom driver and not some generic driver?  I can see it is using the profile I made with the i1 display puck and Calibrite software, but I can also see that the blacks are blocking and I know they shouldn’t.   I don’t know if it’s just some apps or all apps that are not properly managing color.

Anyhow, I found a pretty cool thing you can do with firefox …  typing in about:config into the URL box brings up a whole slew of settings.  You can at least see if Firefox is working in a color managed workflow or not.

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