New rules on small drones: What you need to know – LA Times I don’t actually own a drone and I have mixed feelings about getting one.  Sometimes I think it would be really great to have the overhead perspective available.  But it seems nearly every week I read about some person doing something selfish and reckless with their drones and I don’t want to follow the siren’s call and get seduced by that tech and do something silly or dangerous with it.  But no doubt about it, they are very coolRead more

Get The F*ck To Work · DEDPXL Great post here by Zack Arias with some quotes on inspiration and a little bit of self reflection too. This all might ring true to home for of you artists out there.  The David Bowie video he links to is a must watch!Read more

Imogen Cunningham’s Sensual Photography | A R T L▼R K

Imogen Cunningham has been a favorite photographer of mine for her floral photography and environmental portraits of her children.  I enjoyed reading this post about her.  I did not know for example that she went to a technical high school in Dresden Germany, nor that she first opened a portrait studio in Seattle in 1910 which was really quite early still for photography in the west coast.  She and Anne Brigman, another one of my idol’s were photographing in theRead more

The Human eye is so sensitive, it can detect a single photon

Wow! Digital sensors and cameras still have a long way to go before they can replicate human vision. Here’s an article I read in the Los Angeles Times that covers the scientific study on the senstivity of the human eye which was reporting on an article called “Direct Detection of a Single Photon by Humans” by Tinsley et al, in Nature Communications.  In case you are like me and are interested in reading more about about the experiment, the Zaviri lab has theRead more

How the Fujifilm X-Pro2 Was Designed for ‘Decisive Usability’

I found this excellent article, by Aage Granasson, on the Fuji X-Pro2 really interesting because it went deep into the Fuji design criteria or design ethos.  I own a Fuji GX 680III and also have had some of the Fuji medium format compact cameras and do agree with the author about those purpose built cameras from Fuji.   Well worth the read… Source: How the Fujifilm X-Pro2 Was Designed for ‘Decisive Usability’Read more