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I’ve been spending some time on a lot lately and decided I should share it – great site with lots of information about current and historical photographers, shows, events, workshops, etc.  You can see a lot without signing up, but you can view more by doing so.   [:fr]Le journal quotidien de référence dans l’art photographique. Un regard unique sur les événements photo dans le monde, les photographes et leurs oeuvres.[:en]Your daily magazine in photographic art. An independant lookRead more

Digitizing Negatives with a Camera – Revisited – PhotoPXL

I used to scan mostly with my Rolleiflex 6008AF and Ixpress / Hasselblad CF528 microstep back and a Schneider Makro Symmar lens in the m39 shutter adapter.  I still think that those ‘scans’ were the best scans I’ve achieved so far, however it was very time consuming to set up the focus because the focus was critical.   Here’s an article that details how to get your scanning set up aligned and parallel to the negative which I think is reallyRead more