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I’ve been spending some time on a lot lately and decided I should share it – great site with lots of information about current and historical photographers, shows, events, workshops, etc.  You can see a lot without signing up, but you can view more by doing so.   [:fr]Le journal quotidien de référence dans l’art photographique. Un regard unique sur les événements photo dans le monde, les photographes et leurs oeuvres.[:en]Your daily magazine in photographic art. An independant lookRead more

Lost for Decades, These Stunning Color Photos of Africa in the 1950s Have Finally Been Published

Making the rounds today on the internet are the ‘rediscovered’ or ‘lost’ photos of photographer Todd Webb that had been languishing in a collectors home all timed in conjunction with the release of his archive book.  But hey these shots from his 5 month trip in Africa taken with a Rolleiflex and Leica on Kodachrome are pretty awesome!  And relevant for their historical and cultural significance.  I might even buy the book!  I spent some time on the different websitesRead more

Фотопленка большого формата. Примеры фотографий с формата 8х10

If you have some interest in big sheet film photography, the lens, film stocks, or other related things – check out this blog by Denis and use the key word search on right panel.   Lot’s of great photography and information there! Фотопленка большой формат. Пример фоотсъемки на большой формат. Проявители. Объективы. Камеры формата 8х10 4х5 5х7. Фотограф Денис Дорфф Source: Фотопленка большого формата. Примеры фотографий с формата 8х10Read more

Books that made a difference: Camera Lucida (Roland Barthes, 1980) DPReview post 

This post on DPreview today by Barney on the Barthes’ book Camera Lucida was really interesting and worth a read – and perhaps the book itself too?  There were over 100 comments posted to this article at the time I read it, many including other essential photography book titles including books by Robert Adams, Susan Sontag, Stephen Shore, Joan Didion, John Berger and many more – so the comments on the article were really also quite interesting.  What books haveRead more

Andre Kertesz’s Photos From His Window

I’ve always enjoyed Andre Kertesz work particularly his polaroid shots and also the ones from his apartment window.  Here’s an interesting article in the NY Times about him that details the shots from his apartment on Fifth Ave. The photographer’s images of Washington Square Park revealed, with affection and longing, a Hungarian émigré who was an outsider in his adopted land. Source: Andre Kertesz’s Photos From His WindowRead more

Reblogged from Lensrentals / Roger Cicala: The Heights and Depths of Nadar: TL;DR Version 

I’ve seen references to Nadar in lot’s of photography books, and recently I decided to google him to learn more and that’s how I came upon Roger Cicala’s post on Nadar. I do occasionally read his very informative articles, but hadn’t seen this one on Nadar. He was quite a character and among other things also a very good photographer!   This rotating self portrait gives one a glimpse into his character.    Roger’s article will tell you a lot moreRead more

Amazing still life from 1860 by Roger Fenton who worked to promote photography as art.

Wet plate collodion photography seems to be having a bit of a revival these days, and I have a number of friends working with that media. I’ve tried it, taking a workshop from Alan Barnes, and there’s a lot of skill required. Beyond getting good chemistry, there’s an art to the pouring and exposure that can only be mastered by few. It’s rare to see a complete plate without flaws, and getting good dynamic range is hard. That’s why IRead more

Photography | George Eastman Museum

The photography collection at the George Eastman Museum, among the oldest and best in the world, comprises more than 400,000 photographic objects dating from the introduction of the medium in 1839 through to the present day. It encompasses works made in all major photographic processes, from daguerreotype to digital, for a wide range of purposes, from amateur pursuit to artistic enterprise, from scientific inquiry to documentary record. The collection includes work by more than eight thousand photographers, and it continuesRead more


I learned about the Billboard Creative Show today – and it’s really cool!   The Billboard Creative is a non-profit that exhibits an annual open show on bill boards.  It’s brilliant!    Read more about it here: thebillboardcreative PUBLIC ART GALLERY Source: The Billboard Creative THE BILLBOARD CREATIVERead more

The battle between Pictorialism vs Straight Photography or rather Ansel Adams vs William Mortensen

William Mortensen could perhaps have been one of the most talented but little known photographers in the entire history of photography. Not only did he have incredible imagination and creativity, but he also had insane technical skills.   Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you would know who Ansel Adams was and be able to list off a few of his most famous photos. Both were some of Photography’s greats,   but why isn’t Mortensen as well known?Read more

Imogen Cunningham’s Sensual Photography | A R T L▼R K

Imogen Cunningham has been a favorite photographer of mine for her floral photography and environmental portraits of her children.  I enjoyed reading this post about her.  I did not know for example that she went to a technical high school in Dresden Germany, nor that she first opened a portrait studio in Seattle in 1910 which was really quite early still for photography in the west coast.  She and Anne Brigman, another one of my idol’s were photographing in theRead more

This Odd House Is a Shrine to Early Photography

This Odd House Is a Shrine to Early Photography Interesting read about an eclectic 19th century photographer in Portugal, named Carlos Relvas, who built his house to be a perfect studio upstairs with lots of windows for natural light and darkroom downstairs.  The creators project blog post is a great summary but there’s more information on the Case Estudio website itself though its a bit hard to navigate.Read more