Ihagee Exakta VXIIa Experiences

Maybe about a year ago Matt at Glass Key Photo took a really nice looking camera off the shelf to show me something.  He said he really loved all the things that designers used to build into cameras.  The Ihagee Exakta he showed me had interchangeable finders for example – his had a waist level finder fitted and he marveled at how it had even a pop up magnifier. Build quality was another thing he was impressed with and he went onRead more

133MP 60fps 8k Sensor for cinema broadcasting – wow!

Recently I found a white paper on a very large CMOS sensor for use with broadcast cinema which was developed by Forza Silicon in California…. You can download or ready their paper on their site here : 133Mpixel 60fps CMOS Image Sensor with 32-Column Shared High-Speed Column-Parallel SAR ADCs Here’s and extract of the intro:  “…In this paper, a 133Mpixel sensor that can be operated at 60fps to realize a full-resolution 8K single-chip camera is described. To achieve both high speed and suitableRead more