Ukraine soldiers create modern day version of the painting, “Reply of the Zaporaozhian Cossacks”” / Twitter

The heroism of the Ukrainian people has been inspiring, but also their humor. Here some soldiers take time out to recreate a scene of a painting that purports to be the writing of vulgar and poetic f…off letter to occupiers of their land in 1676.   I can see a 4×5 large format camera set up to take the picture.  Would love to see the actual photo sometime.   Slava Ukraini!Read more

PSA Journal 1959-11: Vol 25 Iss 12 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I just learned today that the Internet Archive has many thousands of publications and journals going back 100 years or more on their archive.  Wow! You can search for photography or art or whatever your interest is. Shown here the cover of Photographic Society of America 1959-11 volume 25, Issue 12 but you can see all 61 pages if you get a free account.  Totally amazing resource!  Other photo related publications they have include Popular Photography, Signal, AfterImage, Aperture, ModernRead more