Leica: To M-D or not to M-D? – Guest post by Adam Singer – 35mmc

Very well written and quite funny article by a friend – well worth the read! So a man walks into a camera store – stop me if you have heard this one – and says, ‘ I want that new Leica MD’. That’s the full frame all singing but no dancing digital Leica without a screen, auto ISO, and white balance. Just frame and shoot, but you can’t see your pictures till you find a computer to play the SDRead more

The Light L16 Camera is delayed

Today I and presumably quite a few others who also put a deposit down for the L16 received some mixed news today via an e-mail from Light.   The bad news is their camera will be delayed until 2017 sometime.  We had been told it would ship this summer originally, and I’ve been very excited to work with this new multi-aperture technology which may be the direction small cameras like mobile phones will take in the future.   The good news isRead more

Local Darkroom finder

I’m lucky, I live in walking distance to one of the largest public darkrooms in the country, the Harvey Milk Photo Center.   It’s got something like 45 enlarger bays in their darkroom, a film processing area, a digital lab, and some class rooms.   I just came back from printing in the darkroom tonight and wondered where I might go if I wasn’t in San Francisco. A quick google pulled up Local Darkroom.  It’s a web tool that allows youRead more