Photography | George Eastman Museum

The photography collection at the George Eastman Museum, among the oldest and best in the world, comprises more than 400,000 photographic objects dating from the introduction of the medium in 1839 through to the present day. It encompasses works made in all major photographic processes, from daguerreotype to digital, for a wide range of purposes, from amateur pursuit to artistic enterprise, from scientific inquiry to documentary record. The collection includes work by more than eight thousand photographers, and it continuesRead more


I learned about the Billboard Creative Show today – and it’s really cool!   The Billboard Creative is a non-profit that exhibits an annual open show on bill boards.  It’s brilliant!    Read more about it here: thebillboardcreative PUBLIC ART GALLERY Source: The Billboard Creative THE BILLBOARD CREATIVERead more

Helmut Newton Retrospective at the FOAM Museum in Amsterdam

Recently I visited the Netherlands for a quick meeting and overnighted in Amsterdam where the FOAM Museum is.  If you are close or will visit this wonderful city this summer, then you should try to stop in at FOAM to see the Helmut Newton show which is quite fantastic!  The show runs until September 4th, 2016.    They have a large number of his photos spanning his entire career in many rooms spread over the three floors of the museum.   ThisRead more