Szarkowski 1966 – “The Thing Itself”

“the factuality of his pictures, no matter how convincing and unarguable, was a different thing than the reality itself. Much of the reality was filtered out in the static little black and white image, and some of it was exhibited with an unnatural clarity, and exaggerated importance. The subject and the picture were not the same thing, although they would afterwards seem so.  It was the photographer’s problem to see not simply the reality before him but the still invisibleRead more

Excellent and thorough LED light comparison using the Sekonic C-700 spectromaster. 

  Director of Photography Timur Civan used the C-700 in the 2017 LED Light Shoot Out where 28 of the industry’s leading LED light fixtures were tested for color accuracy in daylight and tungston modes.  This was a very thorough test and quite useful. 28 LED light color accuracy shoot out I have and use the C-700 spectromaster and have been testing the LED lights available for standard lamp sockets primarily and its a very useful tool.  What I find theRead more