Pixar in a box Tutorials on Kahn Academy

I spent part of the day reviewing color science and other really excellent tutorials put together by Pixar staff for the Khan Academy.  These were really well done and even though I know color science fairly well, I still felt that there were one or two things to pick up.  Perhaps this is because these tutorials are taught from the perspective of making movies which involve of course the science behind it, but also desired emotive effects as well asRead more


I learned about the Billboard Creative Show today – and it’s really cool!   The Billboard Creative is a non-profit that exhibits an annual open show on bill boards.  It’s brilliant!    Read more about it here: thebillboardcreative PUBLIC ART GALLERY Source: The Billboard Creative THE BILLBOARD CREATIVERead more

News Releases : November 15, 2016 : Hitachi Global

Here is some really interesting new “lens less” imaging technology being devloped by hitatchi.  I write “lens less” in quotes since there is a concentric element laid over the sensor but its flat and takes little space.   The device relies on the advanced computational power that is in modern smart technology to calculate the image but offers some cool features such as depth information and selectible focus point. Hitachi, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is focusing more than everRead more