Afghan Box Camera / Kamra-e-Faoree

Afghan Box Camera Project Today I viewed a post on Reddit from someone who built their own “Afghan Box” and was really intrigued.  What is it?  Basically the Afghan box is a camera inside a box with two dark sleeves on rear and side, developing trays,  and a peep viewer that allow internal development of prints.   I’ve seen such boxes for tin types before.  What’s different about this is the peep hole on the top for watching the prints develop. Read more

Фотопленка большого формата. Примеры фотографий с формата 8х10

If you have some interest in big sheet film photography, the lens, film stocks, or other related things – check out this blog by Denis and use the key word search on right panel.   Lot’s of great photography and information there! Фотопленка большой формат. Пример фоотсъемки на большой формат. Проявители. Объективы. Камеры формата 8х10 4х5 5х7. Фотограф Денис Дорфф Source: Фотопленка большого формата. Примеры фотографий с формата 8х10Read more

Optimizing Ground Glass focusing screens

Seems like I am always trying to improve my focusing options, not just on my Rolleiflex, but also on all my older cameras and particularly on my LF cameras. There are a lot of factors to consider from the type of glass to the grit and process used, acid treatment, optical coatings, and then of course fresnels are almost their own subject.  Lens fit to the camera can also affect the type of screen and fresnel you might want. IRead more

Excitement! Another new film offering – Bergger’s New Pancro400 Offers A New Look For Black and White

These days when something is announced that has to do with film, its usually the discontinuation of an emulsion or beloved type of film.  Today is different:  Bergger has announced a new type of film and its even going to be available in sheets too!  Large format Yeah!  I see you can order 4×5, 5×7 and 8×10 sheets which are in stock now. Their site shows a cost of 25 sheets of 8×10 at $176 which works out to about $7Read more

Wehman 8×10 camera

I recently acquired a Wehman 8×10 Field Camera second hand from Laura C. and it’s really an amazingly light and sturdy camera that folds up into itself and is easily carried into the field.     Sadly these are no longer in production, but you can view them and the instructions and other details on Mr. Wehman’s site. He’s also a talented photographer and has some of his work up in galleries that you should check out too.   The WehmanRead more