Excitement! Another new film offering – Bergger’s New Pancro400 Offers A New Look For Black and White

These days when something is announced that has to do with film, its usually the discontinuation of an emulsion or beloved type of film.  Today is different:  Bergger has announced a new type of film and its even going to be available in sheets too!  Large format Yeah!  I see you can order 4×5, 5×7 and 8×10 sheets which are in stock now. Their site shows a cost of 25 sheets of 8×10 at $176 which works out to about $7 a sheet.  The film is produced with two different emulsions, silver bromide and silver iodide, both of which are panochromatic but have different grain sizes. By using two emulsions the film is able to achieve very wide exposure latitude. The sheets have antihalation and anti-curling layers.  It sounds great!

You can read about it on their site here Bergger Pancro 400  and also a bit more on The photoblographer where I first found out about it.

And below is a sample image shot by Aurelien Duke with this new emulsion, and also a close up to show the grain:

Taken with new Bergger Pancro 400 by Aurelien Duke

Close up:
close up showing grain of the Aurelien Duke image using Bergger Pancro 400

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