Kodak Technical Pan, Super XX, and Verichrome Pan films – Were these better film stocks than what we can find today?

I ask my friend Greg why really old expired Kodak Tech Pan film fetches insane prices on eBay and his reply was, “It’s God’s film”.   He said that with the right developer, it would provide incredible grainless detail and long smooth tones and that it was better than say the ADOX CMS 20 II film which isn’t sensitive to all colors like Tech Pan was.   Greg is the one who also introduced me to Kodak Verichrome Pan which I immediatelyRead more

Wikipedia’s List of Photographic Films a great reference

Source: List of photographic films – Wikipedia Recently I landed on this great and very complete film stock reference page at Wikipedia and thought I’d share it. What makes it so useful is one can quickly find the particular characteristics of each film stock, ie. fine grain, pushes to ISO 3200, etc.   If you find yourself wanting to test different emulsions coming out or happen like me to get old film stock in lots of cameras and want to knowRead more

Excitement! Another new film offering – Bergger’s New Pancro400 Offers A New Look For Black and White

These days when something is announced that has to do with film, its usually the discontinuation of an emulsion or beloved type of film.  Today is different:  Bergger has announced a new type of film and its even going to be available in sheets too!  Large format Yeah!  I see you can order 4×5, 5×7 and 8×10 sheets which are in stock now. Their site shows a cost of 25 sheets of 8×10 at $176 which works out to about $7Read more