This Odd House Is a Shrine to Early Photography

This Odd House Is a Shrine to Early Photography Interesting read about an eclectic 19th century photographer in Portugal, named Carlos Relvas, who built his house to be a perfect studio upstairs with lots of windows for natural light and darkroom downstairs.  The creators project blog post is a great summary but there’s more information on the Case Estudio website itself though its a bit hard to navigate.Read more

Helmut Newton Retrospective at the FOAM Museum in Amsterdam

Recently I visited the Netherlands for a quick meeting and overnighted in Amsterdam where the FOAM Museum is.  If you are close or will visit this wonderful city this summer, then you should try to stop in at FOAM to see the Helmut Newton show which is quite fantastic!  The show runs until September 4th, 2016.    They have a large number of his photos spanning his entire career in many rooms spread over the three floors of the museum.   ThisRead more

Kodak’s Downfall Wasn’t About Technology

Harvard Business Review article on Kodak The first digital camera was invented at Kodak.  Kodak invested big money into commercial digital cameras early on, and they even bought some on-line photo sharing businesses.  So why if they had invested significantly into technology, why did they still fail to jump the gap when it came?   This article goes into a lot of detail but clearly a lot of big companies failed to see that the internet could reach directly toRead more

Excellent article on Diane Arbus

“Was Diane Arbus the Most Radical Photographer of the 20th Century?”  by Alex Mar I thought this article on Diane Arbus was very well written and revealed some facts about her personal and photographic life that I had not heard before.  Well worth reading!   And if you can, check out the show of her very early photographs at the MET in NYC that is currently running!   Here’s the link to the show details Diane Arbus Early Years    AndRead more

ACLU Releases List of Rights of Photographers

ACLU Releases List of Rights of Photographers You have broad rights to photograph in public.  Confrontation with citizens and authorities when you are photographing has become more frequent since 9/11. Police have been particularly sensitive to being filmed or photographed after Ferguson et al.  It’s a good idea to become familiar with laws and your rights so you can act professionally if confronted and hopefully defuse the situation.   The ACLU has put together a good list and review here:Read more

The Light L16 Camera is delayed

Today I and presumably quite a few others who also put a deposit down for the L16 received some mixed news today via an e-mail from Light.   The bad news is their camera will be delayed until 2017 sometime.  We had been told it would ship this summer originally, and I’ve been very excited to work with this new multi-aperture technology which may be the direction small cameras like mobile phones will take in the future.   The good news isRead more

Reblog: “5 Japanese Photographers you need to know”

I’m reblogging this post on Japanese Photographers since I thought it was worthy of attention. To save time the 5 photographer’s in their list are below.  If you click on the name it will take you to a Pinterest image search of that photographer so you can see more images from each photographer on the list.  Be advised many are NSFW! Shomei Tomatsu (1930-2012) Eikoh Hosoe (1933-) Ihei Kimura (1901-1974) Daido Moriyama (1938-) Nobuyoshi Araki (1940-)  Read more

Perception and Imaging Photography – A Way of Seeing by Zakia

Perception and Imaging: Photograph – A Way of Seeing     by Richard Zakia This is one of the best books I’ve read which deals with how the human mind perceives imagery.  It’s absolutely fantastic!  After reading even just the first chapters, I feel I have greatly improved both my knowledge of how to construct powerful images, and my understanding of how viewers might likely interpret my images.   This book is a must for anyone serious about improving their photography!Read more

Oh no! Learn from my mistakes

Lesson Learned!  Don’t use fibrous blotter paper to dry your prints in neat little stacks or notebooks! And definitely don’t use any fibrous material to wipe your prints dry either.  Perhaps there are better ways to speed up drying?  I was looking for more images to add to my direct positive portrait gallery and came across this old scan.  It was taken in 2013 while trying out the Harman Direct Positive Paper with my Linhof 13×18 Technika III.     Do youRead more

The Rescued Film Project – and copyright questions

The Rescued Film project has been circulating the blogs lately since they are trying to raise funds to pay for developing and scanning costs for a bunch of film from an unknown photographer.  In one way its kind of cool to open up another view into history by bringing these photos back but I do question the motives of the people behind this project.  The strong copyrights claims and prominent bids to sell prints on their main page seem toRead more

Local Darkroom finder

I’m lucky, I live in walking distance to one of the largest public darkrooms in the country, the Harvey Milk Photo Center.   It’s got something like 45 enlarger bays in their darkroom, a film processing area, a digital lab, and some class rooms.   I just came back from printing in the darkroom tonight and wondered where I might go if I wasn’t in San Francisco. A quick google pulled up Local Darkroom.  It’s a web tool that allows youRead more