Photoshop Color Matching Technique on Vimeo – Great technique!

Russell Brown dropped this color matching tutorial in photoshop using the RGB channels and its really quite amazing – fast and easy.  Maybe this is what I have been looking for to get the colors right on my color negative ‘scanning’? It is easy to shoot a negative over a lightbox but inverting the negative and adjusting black and white points doesn’t get you to the right colors because of the orange film carrier and also because well it’s film.Read more

Local Darkroom finder

I’m lucky, I live in walking distance to one of the largest public darkrooms in the country, the Harvey Milk Photo Center.   It’s got something like 45 enlarger bays in their darkroom, a film processing area, a digital lab, and some class rooms.   I just came back from printing in the darkroom tonight and wondered where I might go if I wasn’t in San Francisco. A quick google pulled up Local Darkroom.  It’s a web tool that allows youRead more

Traditional darkroom print vs Inkjet print of scan

In a previous post, I shared some scans of images I took at the ghost mining town with my Hy6 and 40mm Schneider PQ lens with Ilford Delta 3200 film.   I made some very nice traditional darkroom prints from these negatives that I was quite happy with.  I really liked the look of them a lot.  The printing paper I used was some very old Ilfobrom 3F fiber based paper that a friend had given me.  I could have been olderRead more

Excellent article by Jan Hubička on scanning with Eversmart Supreme

Since diving back into film, I’ve been fascinated with different scanning technology.  Here in the linked article, Jan Hubička does a great job highlighting both the possible resolution available in historic wet plates and also just what  good scanner like the Eversmart Supreme can do.  He goes on to estimate the resolution in these histroric negatives (taken by his great grandfather btw) and also estimates requirements for equiavlent digital capture in the 2nd part of the post. more