THE TINHOLE CAMERA | Analog- & 3D-Prints

Here’s a really neat 3D printed tin can pinhole camera (designed by Christopher that you can load a roll of 35mm film into and shoot with.  What’s really cool is how he has printed gears to advance the film inside the can.   btw – He’s selling the parts for these cameras for about 20 Euro on his website, link below.   Source: THE TINHOLE CAMERA | Analog- & 3D-PrintsRead more

First Commercial Curved CMOS Sensor from Startup CURVE

Source: Image Sensors World: First Commercial Curved CMOS Sensor from Startup CURVE This is really interesting and I wonder how far into consumer and prosumer cameras this kind of sensor will migrate to.  The curvature of the sensor provides a lot of potential benefits including smaller lighter lenses with higher maximum aperture, less CA, and light falloff/color cast.  But if I understand this correctly, implies a fixed focus lens set up since you’d ideally want the sensor curve tuned toRead more

Facial recognition technology – a threat to privacy? “Opinion | We Built a (Legal) Facial Recognition Machine for $60”

From the New York Times article by Sahil Chinoy on April 16th 2019 What we found shows the technology’s promise — and perils. Source: Opinion | We Built a (Legal) Facial Recognition Machine for $60 Facial recognition technology – a threat to privacy? The NY Times article details how easy it is to use existing public web cameras that live stream and services like Amazon’s or Microsoft’s facial recognition services to identify and track people.   It’s a bit chilling actuallyRead more

EKTACHROME is back | Graphic Communications

Kodak bringing back Ektachrome film is really good news!  It’s a transparency/slide film with a distinctive look with vivid color, great tone and contrast.  I’m very excited to see this new film offering since I’ve been shooting a lot of transparency for color work because its much easier to “scan” and keep the color and tonality right (at least in my opinion). Source: EKTACHROME is back | Graphic CommunicationsRead more

News Releases : November 15, 2016 : Hitachi Global

Here is some really interesting new “lens less” imaging technology being devloped by hitatchi.  I write “lens less” in quotes since there is a concentric element laid over the sensor but its flat and takes little space.   The device relies on the advanced computational power that is in modern smart technology to calculate the image but offers some cool features such as depth information and selectible focus point. Hitachi, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is focusing more than everRead more

New rules on small drones: What you need to know – LA Times I don’t actually own a drone and I have mixed feelings about getting one.  Sometimes I think it would be really great to have the overhead perspective available.  But it seems nearly every week I read about some person doing something selfish and reckless with their drones and I don’t want to follow the siren’s call and get seduced by that tech and do something silly or dangerous with it.  But no doubt about it, they are very coolRead more

The Light L16 Camera is delayed

Today I and presumably quite a few others who also put a deposit down for the L16 received some mixed news today via an e-mail from Light.   The bad news is their camera will be delayed until 2017 sometime.  We had been told it would ship this summer originally, and I’ve been very excited to work with this new multi-aperture technology which may be the direction small cameras like mobile phones will take in the future.   The good news isRead more