Film Vs Digital:About Sensors & Cameras. Kodak Ilford & Fuji

Even though this is an older article, I think the video linked on the bottom of the page by Rob Hummel was quite interesting.  I learned that one of the reasons why film has such broad dynamic range is because there are many layers of emulsion with different sensitivity.  That’s cool! Film Vs Digital: Learn about Sensors & Cameras from 35mm film, 120 220 film, plait 4/5 and full frame to medium format film for Pro to Amatuer photographers Source:Read more

Travel Horror—What Happened When My Film Was X-ray Scanned 11 Times – DigitalRev

While I was waiting for my transit flight, I felt an itch to go for a totally non-scientific experiment – let the films (without the lead bag) in my carry-on baggage go through x-ray machines Source: Travel Horror—What Happened When My Film Was X-ray Scanned 11 Times – DigitalRev I’m about to head out to photograph some cool rock formations in NW New Mexico and am thinking about what cameras to bring and which films.   Refreshing myself about howRead more

The battle between Pictorialism vs Straight Photography or rather Ansel Adams vs William Mortensen

William Mortensen could perhaps have been one of the most talented but little known photographers in the entire history of photography. Not only did he have incredible imagination and creativity, but he also had insane technical skills.   Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you would know who Ansel Adams was and be able to list off a few of his most famous photos. Both were some of Photography’s greats,   but why isn’t Mortensen as well known?Read more

Excitement! Another new film offering – Bergger’s New Pancro400 Offers A New Look For Black and White

These days when something is announced that has to do with film, its usually the discontinuation of an emulsion or beloved type of film.  Today is different:  Bergger has announced a new type of film and its even going to be available in sheets too!  Large format Yeah!  I see you can order 4×5, 5×7 and 8×10 sheets which are in stock now. Their site shows a cost of 25 sheets of 8×10 at $176 which works out to about $7Read more