Rolleiflex 6000 – A Passionate Review – By Volker Muth

I’ve met Volker in Germany once during Photokina and he’s a nice guy.  It’s great to see his article on the Rolleiflex 6000 system which is very detailed, but omits a few things about lenses he hasn’t used.    The 90mm APO macro lens by Schneider, the 180/2.8 Schneider, and the 60mm Schneider Curtagon are all missing from his report and personally I think these lenses are some of the jewels of that system.  If he liked the 150mm SonnarRead more

Opinion: Do we really need all those buttons and dials?

Here’s an interesting opinion piece that I first saw on DPR that made me think for a while both about the use of AI in devices and also about ergonomics.  Cell phones are able to make truly remarkable images but the real frustration is that it takes so long to get your camera app open and to take the shot, and when you want to make slight adjustments it’s not all that easy to do so. So while modern camerasRead more

Learn Camera Repair – free at

I surfed to this website tonight  and thought others would be interested, and I hope there are some interested people because we need more good camera technicians! Online camera repair course, free tutorials, and the largest online library of free service manuals for photographic equipment. Learn Camera Repair is the place to learn to repair cameras! This seems to be an amazing site with about a dozen downloadable lessons in pdf form and even chapter quizzes that you canRead more