Master Profiles: Bruce Gilden

Portraits taken by Bruce Gilden keep popping up in my Insta feed and I went searching to see what kind of light he was using since I could not always see the catchlight in his subjects eyes.  Now I know why – he uses the flash off camera and sort of jumps out at his subjects and raises the flash with one hand while shooting with the camera held lower in his other hand.  This technique seems to work reallyRead more

Did You Know You Can Archive Your Digital Photos on Analog Film? |

For those who diligently perform DAM or are interested – a new worry for you… bit rot.  Nope, not just with files stored on CD or DVD ROM.   This is in addition to the regular updates in terms of long term data storage technology.  I think Dr’s offices are the slowest to adopt new tech – I mean you still have to fax over referrals, and they will give you a copy of your X-ray on CD.  I mean newRead more

Daniel Wolf, 65, Dies; Helped Create a Market for Art Photography

When I was at UC Berkeley studying Physics, I added a BA in fine arts. At that time, I have to confess that didn’t consider photography to be Fine Art and thought of it more as craft.  I had been making some ‘artistic’ photos and printing them in the darkroom, but somehow my mind was locked.  My opinion didn’t change until about 2000 when the very first digital cameras.  This article about Daniel Wolf creating an art market for photographyRead more

Why I RARELY Shoot Wide Open (How to Separate the Subject from the Background) – YouTube

Mostly I  don’t watch videos about photographic techniques (not because I know everything, but I kind of like to do my own thing and not copy others) but this was a really great video by Kebs Cayabyab that shows 5 ways to separate your subject from the background without using shallow depth of field.   You should watch this 7 minute video! TL/DR,DW here they are:  Light/Shadow –  Use selective lighting to show your subject to the viewer Colors – FindRead more