Camera Bloggers Alliance

Mike Eckman’s blog is pretty cool but if you need more camera fix then you can check out the  Camera Bloggers Alliance RRS feed on his page too. Here are a bunch of RSS feeds for some of my favorite vintage camera and photography related sites.  Click on the article name to be taken directly to the arti Source: Camera Bloggers AllianceRead more

Narciss: a 16mm film SLR Soviet camera

Source: Narciss Soviet KMZ 16mm camera I’ve been reading about older KMZ products since I’m importing their new lenses and cameras to the US.   This site is a great resource btw. I just stumbled across this really cool camera, the Narciss, which is a small stylish SLR that shoots 16mm movie film.  The camera was originally supplied with spools to allow you to load movie film onto, and even a small developing tank was included.  It has a detachable viewfinderRead more

3 Cool Camera designs by David Miller and Benjamin Hoffmann that I’d like to see built!

These are apparently the fruit of thesis work, but I’d love to see these built since they have some cool ideas.   The box like camera on the left is called the Burst camera and takes 3 rapid exposures on one instax frame.   The idea isn’t totally new since Polaroid One Step + can do it, but it’s still cool.  The camera I really want is the Slitscan which you can read about if you follow the link, but is likeRead more

A secret stash of hundreds of Soviet cameras found in a Kazakh warehouse – Kosmo Foto

A secret stash of hundreds of Soviet cameras found in a Kazakh warehouse Source: A secret stash of hundreds of Soviet cameras found in a Kazakh warehouse – Kosmo Foto This was a pretty amazing to learn that warehouses of new cameras and lenses may be out there waiting to be discovered!   And I have a Smena that looks new that I bought on ebay last year… maybe one of them?  I bought it because I read an article whereRead more

Zenit-E review – Kosmo Foto

Here’s a great review of perhaps the best selling SLR camera in the last century that maybe you never heard about?  Definitely worth a read. These days these cameras are really inexpensive on Ebay and you even can get more modern versions with motor drive for about $140 with a f/2.0 lens Kosmo Foto review of the Soviet Zenit-E SLR camera, one of the cheapest M42-mount SLRs available. Source: Zenit-E review – Kosmo FotoRead more

How the Fujifilm X-Pro2 Was Designed for ‘Decisive Usability’

I found this excellent article, by Aage Granasson, on the Fuji X-Pro2 really interesting because it went deep into the Fuji design criteria or design ethos.  I own a Fuji GX 680III and also have had some of the Fuji medium format compact cameras and do agree with the author about those purpose built cameras from Fuji.   Well worth the read… Source: How the Fujifilm X-Pro2 Was Designed for ‘Decisive Usability’Read more

Wehman 8×10 camera

I recently acquired a Wehman 8×10 Field Camera second hand from Laura C. and it’s really an amazingly light and sturdy camera that folds up into itself and is easily carried into the field.     Sadly these are no longer in production, but you can view them and the instructions and other details on Mr. Wehman’s site. He’s also a talented photographer and has some of his work up in galleries that you should check out too.   The WehmanRead more