[PRO] PHOTO. Go and shoot

Great resource for getting information about Russian cameras and lenses and see sample images taken with them.  Actually the site does test many international brands but is very comprehensive with the Russian made ones. Photographer from scratch. Photography training, photography training courses, technique reviews, photography history, lens reviews, camera reviews Source: [PRO] PHOTO. Go and shootRead more

Lippmann Colour Photography – AlternativePhotography.com

Source: Lippmann Colour Photography – AlternativePhotography.com TL/DR  – 1) Interesting technical discussion of one of the earliest color photography methods and 2) a great website that covers alternative photography. Mr. Lippmann won a nobel prize for developing a color photography technique in 1908.  He used a interference of light technique where light coming into the glass plate film was also bounced off a mirror behind the plate and thus the image recorded was the resulting combination of incoming light andRead more

The Royal Photographic Society’s whole archive is searchable and viewable for free

This is actually quite amazing!  If you like old cameras or study photography or photographers you can search through all the RPS’s journals by keyword.  Wow!  The RPSJ is the oldest continuously published journal of photography – from 1853 until now.   They covered the gear, the people, the techniques, the industry….    What a great resource! Source: The Royal Photographic Society Example link to ‘Best Shots’ Volume 158    Read more