Voigtländer Perkeo II – oh man, wow: So much performance in such a small camera! – YouTube

I’ve got the Perkeo IIIe with the rangefinder and haven’t used it very much at all, but I agree with this reviewer that they are really nice cameras.   I have a few of the Ikonta’s too, and the Bessa I, II and III.  It would be fun to compare them all sometime, but certainly the Perkeo’s are nicely built and very lightweight.  What is your favorite folding 120 rangefinder?Read more

Ricoh 500 – Experiences

I recently acquired a Ricoh 500 triggermatic rangefinder camera and will be posting my experiences with it here soon. These seem to be well built cameras – mine is from 1958 or so and still functions properly.  Fits nicely in the hand and has lever arms on the focus throw and a fast film winding lever that unfolds at the base. For now this post will be a holding page for the research I’m doing on it as well. FromRead more