“Not just another Photo blog”

Anthony Luke’s not-just-another-photoblog Blog I landed on this photoblog by chance after searching for photos of Ama Pearl divers which I had just learned about and thought was interesting.  I don’t know who Anthony Luke is, but he’s posted quite a lot of things and most of it very interesting and maybe you’ll find something interesting here too?    It’s a shame this blog hasn’t been updated since 2019.Read more

The Eye of Photography – Photography Art news and events

I’ve been spending some time on loeildelaphotographie.com a lot lately and decided I should share it – great site with lots of information about current and historical photographers, shows, events, workshops, etc.  You can see a lot without signing up, but you can view more by doing so.   [:fr]Le journal quotidien de référence dans l’art photographique. Un regard unique sur les événements photo dans le monde, les photographes et leurs oeuvres.[:en]Your daily magazine in photographic art. An independant lookRead more

Lippmann Colour Photography – AlternativePhotography.com

Source: Lippmann Colour Photography – AlternativePhotography.com TL/DR  – 1) Interesting technical discussion of one of the earliest color photography methods and 2) a great website that covers alternative photography. Mr. Lippmann won a nobel prize for developing a color photography technique in 1908.  He used a interference of light technique where light coming into the glass plate film was also bounced off a mirror behind the plate and thus the image recorded was the resulting combination of incoming light andRead more

Daniel Wolf, 65, Dies; Helped Create a Market for Art Photography

When I was at UC Berkeley studying Physics, I added a BA in fine arts. At that time, I have to confess that didn’t consider photography to be Fine Art and thought of it more as craft.  I had been making some ‘artistic’ photos and printing them in the darkroom, but somehow my mind was locked.  My opinion didn’t change until about 2000 when the very first digital cameras.  This article about Daniel Wolf creating an art market for photographyRead more

Helmut Newton Retrospective at the FOAM Museum in Amsterdam

Recently I visited the Netherlands for a quick meeting and overnighted in Amsterdam where the FOAM Museum is.  If you are close or will visit this wonderful city this summer, then you should try to stop in at FOAM to see the Helmut Newton show which is quite fantastic!  The show runs until September 4th, 2016.    They have a large number of his photos spanning his entire career in many rooms spread over the three floors of the museum.   ThisRead more

ACLU Releases List of Rights of Photographers

ACLU Releases List of Rights of Photographers You have broad rights to photograph in public.  Confrontation with citizens and authorities when you are photographing has become more frequent since 9/11. Police have been particularly sensitive to being filmed or photographed after Ferguson et al.  It’s a good idea to become familiar with laws and your rights so you can act professionally if confronted and hopefully defuse the situation.   The ACLU has put together a good list and review here:Read more

Perception and Imaging Photography – A Way of Seeing by Zakia

Perception and Imaging: Photograph – A Way of Seeing     by Richard Zakia This is one of the best books I’ve read which deals with how the human mind perceives imagery.  It’s absolutely fantastic!  After reading even just the first chapters, I feel I have greatly improved both my knowledge of how to construct powerful images, and my understanding of how viewers might likely interpret my images.   This book is a must for anyone serious about improving their photography!Read more