Lippmann Colour Photography –

Source: Lippmann Colour Photography – TL/DR  – 1) Interesting technical discussion of one of the earliest color photography methods and 2) a great website that covers alternative photography. Mr. Lippmann won a nobel prize for developing a color photography technique in 1908.  He used a interference of light technique where light coming into the glass plate film was also bounced off a mirror behind the plate and thus the image recorded was the resulting combination of incoming light andRead more

This Odd House Is a Shrine to Early Photography

This Odd House Is a Shrine to Early Photography Interesting read about an eclectic 19th century photographer in Portugal, named Carlos Relvas, who built his house to be a perfect studio upstairs with lots of windows for natural light and darkroom downstairs.  The creators project blog post is a great summary but there’s more information on the Case Estudio website itself though its a bit hard to navigate.Read more