[PRO] PHOTO. Go and shoot

Great resource for getting information about Russian cameras and lenses and see sample images taken with them.  Actually the site does test many international brands but is very comprehensive with the Russian made ones. Photographer from scratch. Photography training, photography training courses, technique reviews, photography history, lens reviews, camera reviews Source: [PRO] PHOTO. Go and shootRead more

Camera Bloggers Alliance

Mike Eckman’s blog is pretty cool but if you need more camera fix then you can check out the  Camera Bloggers Alliance RRS feed on his page too. Here are a bunch of RSS feeds for some of my favorite vintage camera and photography related sites.  Click on the article name to be taken directly to the arti Source: Camera Bloggers AllianceRead more

“Not just another Photo blog”

Anthony Luke’s not-just-another-photoblog Blog I landed on this photoblog by chance after searching for photos of Ama Pearl divers which I had just learned about and thought was interesting.  I don’t know who Anthony Luke is, but he’s posted quite a lot of things and most of it very interesting and maybe you’ll find something interesting here too?    It’s a shame this blog hasn’t been updated since 2019.Read more

Master Profiles: Bruce Gilden

Portraits taken by Bruce Gilden keep popping up in my Insta feed and I went searching to see what kind of light he was using since I could not always see the catchlight in his subjects eyes.  Now I know why – he uses the flash off camera and sort of jumps out at his subjects and raises the flash with one hand while shooting with the camera held lower in his other hand.  This technique seems to work reallyRead more

Comparison of 35mm and Medium format negative sizes

http://photoethnography.com/ClassicCameras/filmformats.html I found this page while looking for a list of which medium format cameras shoot 6×7 … not exactly what I was originally looking for but wanted to make a note since this is useful information.  Photoethnography.com has a lot of other interesting stuff worth checking out. 120 film: Kodak numbered all of its film types, starting with 100 (I think). So 120 roll film is actually a rather early format. It was used in the Kodak Brownie cameras. TheRead more