“Not just another Photo blog”

Anthony Luke’s not-just-another-photoblog Blog I landed on this photoblog by chance after searching for photos of Ama Pearl divers which I had just learned about and thought was interesting.  I don’t know who Anthony Luke is, but he’s posted quite a lot of things and most of it very interesting and maybe you’ll find something interesting here too?    It’s a shame this blog hasn’t been updated since 2019.Read more

The Eye of Photography – Photography Art news and events

I’ve been spending some time on loeildelaphotographie.com a lot lately and decided I should share it – great site with lots of information about current and historical photographers, shows, events, workshops, etc.  You can see a lot without signing up, but you can view more by doing so.   [:fr]Le journal quotidien de référence dans l’art photographique. Un regard unique sur les événements photo dans le monde, les photographes et leurs oeuvres.[:en]Your daily magazine in photographic art. An independant lookRead more

Imogen Cunningham’s Sensual Photography | A R T L▼R K

Imogen Cunningham has been a favorite photographer of mine for her floral photography and environmental portraits of her children.  I enjoyed reading this post about her.  I did not know for example that she went to a technical high school in Dresden Germany, nor that she first opened a portrait studio in Seattle in 1910 which was really quite early still for photography in the west coast.  She and Anne Brigman, another one of my idol’s were photographing in theRead more

Reblog: “5 Japanese Photographers you need to know”

I’m reblogging this post on Japanese Photographers since I thought it was worthy of attention. To save time the 5 photographer’s in their list are below.  If you click on the name it will take you to a Pinterest image search of that photographer so you can see more images from each photographer on the list.  Be advised many are NSFW! Shomei Tomatsu (1930-2012) Eikoh Hosoe (1933-) Ihei Kimura (1901-1974) Daido Moriyama (1938-) Nobuyoshi Araki (1940-)  Read more