F-stop, T-stops and even H-stops

I’ve been reading about the differences between T-stops which are based on the measured amount of light as opposed to a calculated f/stop, and I’ve found this wikipedia page to be super useful.  Wikipedia.org page on F-numbers Check it out as it has lots of great information including all the math formulas and other useful information  – and btw   T-stops take in account the efficiency of the lens and can be different from a calculated f/stop because most lesses only transmitRead more

Fantastic article on panoramic cameras at Only Images

 Article on Panoramic cameras and the Zenit Horizont KMZ Because I’m now importing Zenit Lenses and cameras I’ve been reading up on their older products like the Horizon panoramic camera.  This article about panoramic cameras by Walter Lungov on his website Apenasimagens.com is truly fantastic!  Make sure to check out his other articles too!  I know I’ll be reading through them all.Read more

4D Printing Already? | HP® Tech at Work

What is 4D printing? The 4th Dimension in printing is time or change over time – objects that can be printed in 3D that change properties over time or in reaction to external stimuli. Wow! Think of the possibilities! The link below has some details on what HP is doing with this tech. Source: 4D Printing Already? | HP® Tech at WorkRead more

“A guide to shooting expired film” from PopPhoto

Today I received in the mail a Graflex Super D with “automatic diaphragm”, and more relevant to this article – a graflex pack film holder #523.    I have never seen one of these things before – it’s a metal box that has 12 or 16 sheets of film inside that allows the photographer to advance to the next sheet by pulling on a tab. The tab is attached to the far side of the sheet and pulls it aroundRead more

Stand Development Darkroom Guide | The Art of Photography

Stand Development is a film developing process that involves placing film in a tank of highly diluted developer and letting it “stand” with no agitation. Source: Stand Development Darkroom Guide | The Art of Photography I just watched this video and thought it was a pretty useful introduction of stand development. It covered the potential advantages of the technique such as tolerance to exposure variance, more sharpness and dynamic range and also some of the potential pitfalls such as bromideRead more

Depth of Field, Angle & Field of View, & Equivalent Lens Calculator – Points in Focus Photography

Depth of field and equivalent lenses tool on Points of Focus This is a really cool tool that I found today while looking for a quick way to find the equivalent lenses for different formats.   For example, full frame DSLR equivalents to my Rolleiflex/Schneider 300mm f/4 APO PQ lens, would be a 164mm f/2.2 lens.  Equivalents for that same lens in my Olympus OMD E5 and 8×10 Linhof cameras would be 82mm f/1.1 and 1232mm f/16 respectively! This toolRead more

Quick Comparison: Noritsu LS-600 vs Kodak F135Plus

I have a Pakon 135+ scanner for 35mm film and it works very well since you can feed it a whole roll of film at a time, but I’ve wondered what else is out there and thought this comparison was pretty useful.  Wish there were something similar for 120 films! Source: Quick Comparison: Noritsu LS-600 vs Kodak F135PlusRead more

Excellent and thorough LED light comparison using the Sekonic C-700 spectromaster. 

  Director of Photography Timur Civan used the C-700 in the 2017 LED Light Shoot Out where 28 of the industry’s leading LED light fixtures were tested for color accuracy in daylight and tungston modes.  This was a very thorough test and quite useful. 28 LED light color accuracy shoot out I have and use the C-700 spectromaster and have been testing the LED lights available for standard lamp sockets primarily and its a very useful tool.  What I find theRead more