Links and Resources

If you know of a resource that might be useful for others that isn’t listed here, please feel free to suggest it!

Other blogs and forums that I read (not every day – I’m not crazy!)

  • PetaPixel   I like the variety of posts on this blog
  • Large Format Photography Forum  There are a lot of very experienced LF photographers here – I’m learning a lot from them.
  • APUG – Analog Photography Users Group  Same as above – Very good source for film centric information.
  • F-stoppers  – Some interesting stuff here, lots of analog stories
  • Lenscratch – This is more about the art and artists than about gear
  • Ming Thien Photographer – An amazingly talented individual with excellent insight, clear writing and most importantly fantastic photowork
  • The Online Photographer – Mike Johnston – Very cogent and unbiased information here about a broad range of photography subjects.
  • Steve Huff – I like his Film Friday section the best but lots of good stuff here
  • Luminous-Landscape – this was the go to place for professionals and users of medium format digital backs.  I spent most of my time in these forums in the last years, but lately its been taken over by internet trolls so its not as good.
  • Photo Aesthetics  Interesting articles on gear, art, photographers and more – by Mark Dubovoy and Jim Taskett and additional high profile guest writters.
  • Image Sensors World –  This blog is a great resource of information about image sensor tech
  •   Jim Kasson is a wonderful photographer with very deep technical insight
  • –  This is one of the first forums I started to read years ago.  Don’t let its outdated format fool you – this is a good resource with many talented and knowledgeable posters and decades of searchable information in it.   I don’t visit that often anymore but its a great resource.
  • TheCreatersproject – Creativity, Arts, and Technology
  • MFlenses – I recently discovered this forum – lots of good information on lenses and sample galleries with images taken with many old cameras and lenses that are useful.

General Camera and technical information

Specific Make Camera information and resources


Ihagee and Exakta Products and History  – Very complete website with manuals and product lists, history, service and pricing info

Exakta Varex iia (VXIIa) mini review – Rogerandfrances – I thought it was useful

Exakta Lenses – Very good information on the lenses for the small format Exakta’s


Rolleigraphy – great resource of Rolleiflex cameras (best on 6000 series I’ve seen) by Ferdi Stutterheim

Rolleiflex Pages – another great resource for Rolleiflex SLR cameras by Pascal Heyman

Rolleiclub – Fantastic resource on Rolleiflex TLR’s

Pentacon / Praktisix

Pentacon Six   A very thourogh introduction to the Pentacon Six system starting with Praktisix. Some good info on other 6×6 SLR cameras like the Ihagee 6×6.

Photographer’s Resources

Collectors Resources

Image Galleries with sample images from different lenses

  • Manual Focus Lenses   Photo enthusiast from Norway has built a very good collection of sample images of different (mostly small 35mm format) lenses.
  • Manuellfokus   Mostly small format but some unusual ones


Service Shops

  • Key Camera Service – Longmont Colorado –  Dave Feeley Phone (303) 772-7690    Dave is a true camera technician with real skills. He’s not just a parts replacer like lots of the younger techs.  He can read and understand a schematic and troubleshoot a faulty circuit board.  I don’t think he does it often but he knows how to machine his own parts too.  I use Dave for a lot or repairs – he’s simply awesome!
  • –    I recently sent my Sinar P2 to Bob

Stores and places to get film, paper, chemicals and supplies and cameras too

  • Glass Key Photo  My favorite local camera and film store.  Film, paper, chemicals, used cameras etc.
  • Photographer’s Formulary  Here you can order many different types of bulk chemicals to make your own developers and other film processing agents.  Also premade developers of many kinds, paper, etc.

Darkrooms and film processing – places you can go if you don’t have your own

San Francisco



  • Berlebach  –  Wooden tripods, tripod heads and accessories.  Wood is supposedly the best vibration dampener
  • Sorbothane – Vibration dampening feet, pads, and other materials

Sensor manufacturers

Forza Silicon  –  digital sensors and cameras for cinema, science and industry