Reblogged from Lensrentals / Roger Cicala: The Heights and Depths of Nadar: TL;DR Version 

I’ve seen references to Nadar in lot’s of photography books, and recently I decided to google him to learn more and that’s how I came upon Roger Cicala’s post on Nadar. I do occasionally read his very informative articles, but hadn’t seen this one on Nadar. He was quite a character and among other things also a very good photographer!   This rotating self portrait gives one a glimpse into his character.    Roger’s article will tell you a lot moreRead more

Amazing still life from 1860 by Roger Fenton who worked to promote photography as art.

Wet plate collodion photography seems to be having a bit of a revival these days, and I have a number of friends working with that media. I’ve tried it, taking a workshop from Alan Barnes, and there’s a lot of skill required. Beyond getting good chemistry, there’s an art to the pouring and exposure that can only be mastered by few. It’s rare to see a complete plate without flaws, and getting good dynamic range is hard. That’s why IRead more

Filmomat: A really cool film processor that handles 35mm up to 5x7in sheet film! 

I’ve been following (lusting after?) the Filmomat since it was first introduced, and at that time the creator had just made it for himself.  Now sometime later he’s made it available for sale (although it’s kind of pricy) and that is really exciting.  What makes it so cool? First off, it’s really difficult to develop color film at home – the chemicals aren’t expensive or dangerous but color film processing just requires really steady temperature control and at higher temperaturesRead more

“A guide to shooting expired film” from PopPhoto

Today I received in the mail a Graflex Super D with “automatic diaphragm”, and more relevant to this article – a graflex pack film holder #523.    I have never seen one of these things before – it’s a metal box that has 12 or 16 sheets of film inside that allows the photographer to advance to the next sheet by pulling on a tab. The tab is attached to the far side of the sheet and pulls it aroundRead more

Award-Winning Landscape Photos Show the Beauty of the Environment

I just became aware of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Contest from an e-mail from My Modern Met, and it seems maybe others haven’t either so am sharing the links. There is a $10,000 prize. Regardless if you are possible candidate for next year or just a photo enthusiast, have a look! The winning photos are very inspiring! Source: Award-Winning Landscape Photos Show the Beauty of the EnvironmentRead more

Collaborative Large Format Scanner Comparison

Source: Collaborative Large Format Scanner Comparison This is an older study of mostly older scanner technology but its still interesting to review and compare the different machines.  The difference between detail and also DR can be seen between the older professional / prepress machines and the newer consumer products like the Epson flatbeds.Read more

Stand Development Darkroom Guide | The Art of Photography

Stand Development is a film developing process that involves placing film in a tank of highly diluted developer and letting it “stand” with no agitation. Source: Stand Development Darkroom Guide | The Art of Photography I just watched this video and thought it was a pretty useful introduction of stand development. It covered the potential advantages of the technique such as tolerance to exposure variance, more sharpness and dynamic range and also some of the potential pitfalls such as bromideRead more

Depth of Field, Angle & Field of View, & Equivalent Lens Calculator – Points in Focus Photography

Depth of field and equivalent lenses tool on Points of Focus This is a really cool tool that I found today while looking for a quick way to find the equivalent lenses for different formats.   For example, full frame DSLR equivalents to my Rolleiflex/Schneider 300mm f/4 APO PQ lens, would be a 164mm f/2.2 lens.  Equivalents for that same lens in my Olympus OMD E5 and 8×10 Linhof cameras would be 82mm f/1.1 and 1232mm f/16 respectively! This toolRead more