Imogen Cunningham’s Sensual Photography | A R T L▼R K

Imogen Cunningham has been a favorite photographer of mine for her floral photography and environmental portraits of her children.  I enjoyed reading this post about her.  I did not know for example that she went to a technical high school in Dresden Germany, nor that she first opened a portrait studio in Seattle in 1910 which was really quite early still for photography in the west coast.  She and Anne Brigman, another one of my idol’s were photographing in the same time period here.  Here are some great books with Imogen’s photos.
Have you ever visited ARTLARK?  I stumbled upon this blog not too long ago – very nice daily posts about different artists and their work. Well worth a visit. Source: Imogen Cunningham’s Sensual Photography | A R T L▼R K


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