Ricoh 500 – Experiences

I recently acquired a Ricoh 500 triggermatic rangefinder camera and will be posting my experiences with it here soon. These seem to be well built cameras – mine is from 1958 or so and still functions properly.  Fits nicely in the hand and has lever arms on the focus throw and a fast film winding lever that unfolds at the base. For now this post will be a holding page for the research I’m doing on it as well. FromRead more

Comparison of 35mm and Medium format negative sizes I found this page while looking for a list of which medium format cameras shoot 6×7 … not exactly what I was originally looking for but wanted to make a note since this is useful information. has a lot of other interesting stuff worth checking out. 120 film: Kodak numbered all of its film types, starting with 100 (I think). So 120 roll film is actually a rather early format. It was used in the Kodak Brownie cameras. TheRead more

Reblog: “5 Japanese Photographers you need to know”

I’m reblogging this post on Japanese Photographers since I thought it was worthy of attention. To save time the 5 photographer’s in their list are below.  If you click on the name it will take you to a Pinterest image search of that photographer so you can see more images from each photographer on the list.  Be advised many are NSFW! Shomei Tomatsu (1930-2012) Eikoh Hosoe (1933-) Ihei Kimura (1901-1974) Daido Moriyama (1938-) Nobuyoshi Araki (1940-)  Read more