Oh no! Learn from my mistakes

Lesson Learned!  Don’t use fibrous blotter paper to dry your prints in neat little stacks or notebooks! And definitely don’t use any fibrous material to wipe your prints dry either.  Perhaps there are better ways to speed up drying?  I was looking for more images to add to my direct positive portrait gallery and came across this old scan.  It was taken in 2013 while trying out the Harman Direct Positive Paper with my Linhof 13×18 Technika III.     Do you see the ugly mess of fibers stuck on my print.   Oh and you know those white gloves you see people sometimes use to handle prints. Yes, that’s right, you can avoid putting fingerprints all over your work if you use them. I managed to do both on this one image.   It’s kind of funny since the model’s expression in this image seems to anticipate these issues.  🙂   Well this was not serious work, only testing the paper and the camera,  and the good news is fiber prints can be washed again, and then either drum dried or air dried so no not a big problem.   It’s great to sometimes look back through old work and think about all the things you’ve learned.

5x7 direct positive veronica 3-Edit


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