MISSION — 100cameras: “We Believe Kids Will Change the World”

100x Cameras is a worthy not for profit established in 2009 that offers a range of programs to teach kids how to photograph their lives and transform them.   Check it out!

“We believe kids will change the world”

100cameras works with youth around the world who have had challenging experiences, and we teach them to process and tell their stories through photography in a way that impacts how they view themselves and their role in their community. Through their perspectives and community contributions being uplifted onto a global platform, youth are showing themselves that today and always, they are the bigger picture.

Every kid – no matter their background or circumstances – deserves the right to have access to tools that support them in processing their experiences in a way that creates space for emotional freedom in their future.

At 100cameras, we work worldwide with participants from ages 10-18 who have experienced challenging events as defined by anything that prompts feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, or instability.

Source: MISSION — 100cameras

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