European Month of Photography

European Month of Photography

EMOP or European Month of Photography: That is your excuse for your next European vacation – or at least it might be mine!   I was just looking at the web page for the EMOP Berlin – which was held from Oct 1st to 31st in 2020 and realized how cool that would have been to be there.  I always enjoyed the photo exhibitions that coincided with Photokina.   The cities which have EMOP are Athens, Berlin, Paris, Luxembourg, Lisbon and Vienna.  Each participating city will have an entire month of events from shows to talks and whatnot  – mostly during October, but not always.   Most cities do an every other year with Paris, Athens, Vienna, and Berlin doing the even years (2020, 2022, etc) and Lisbon, Luxembourg doing the odd years – so they are hosting right now – Oct 2021 – in case you want to check them out either in person or like me virtually.

Imago Lisboa Photo Festival 2021


and here’s the link from the Berlin 2020 EMOP that’s also worth a look.

I know there is a 3 day Photo Book festival in Hamburg also that I have on my to visit list.  Would love to hear about other photo festivals that you think are worth visiting.  If you know of one please comment.

Photo by Vanja Bucan – used for the Luxembourg EMOP 2021

Photo by Klaus Pichler – used for the Vienna 2022 EMOP


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