Russian Camera and Lens Maker Logo’s Reference page

I’m importing Zenit Lenses since 2019 to the US and I have been studying the different makers.  I found some useful info on Logos and Factories on the Alfred Klomp website and wanted to save it here.  Maybe someone else out there is also a fan of Russian lenses?   I mean they are great tools for making creative images. Some are sharp but sharpness isn’t the point – the way a lens renders colors and the OOF areas can be plain or ‘creative’ and sometimes these Russian lenses fit the job perfectly.

KMZ logo

Some info and links to the KMZ (Zenit), Fed, Lomo, BelOMO, Vilejka, GOMZ, Zavod Arsenal, MMZ,  Peleng, LZOS, UOMZ and Vologda.   Wow! I hadn’t even heard of all these!

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