Flange to Sensor Distance table for modern digital cameras.


Source: Guide to Understanding Flange Focal Distance

from BrianSmith Pictures

Understanding flange focal distance is really simple, so the reason why I’m sharing this page is because it has a really great table with flange to sensor distance for a lot of modern cameras.  Having this info at hand can tell you if a lens can be adapted to another camera and still focus to infinity.

Some quick takeaways –

  • Shortest flange to sensor full frame camera right now is the Nikon Z  at 16.0 mm, so in theory you could adapt all other lenses to it including Sony E and Leica M
  • Sony E is 18mm, Leica M is 20mm, Canon R is 20mm
  • Shortest ‘medium’ format flange to sensor distance is 18.14mm with the Hasselblad XCD



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