“The Russian Portrait Monster”: Helios 40-2 1.5/85 | hispan’s photoblog

Today I’d like to share a really great photo blog that I discovered while researching Russian lenses.  The blog started and run by Krisztián Horváth with input from others is really excellent as are his photos.   I’m linking to an article about the Zenit Helios lenses since I’m working with the new restructured Krasnogorsky Zavod PJSC (Zenit KMZ) to import new lenses and cameras for resale in the US via Zenit Lenses US.   Anyhow, back to Hispans Blog, I’ve never seen such thoroughly researched and written articles anywhere that includes so many great sample photos too!  Check out his blog Hispan’s photos (you may need to use google translate if you don’t speak Hungarian) also if you like his facebook page Hispan’s Photoblog

Drága, vacak a képe és nehéz, mégis mindenki akar egyet. És ezt teljesen meg is értem!

Source: Az orosz portrészörnyeteg: Helios 40-2 1.5/85 | hispan’s photoblog

Here are some images shot by Krisztián Horváth with the Helios 40-2 lens (85mm f/1.5) that demonstrate the beautiful swirly background blur of the lens can make.

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