Master Profiles: Bruce Gilden

Portraits taken by Bruce Gilden keep popping up in my Insta feed and I went searching to see what kind of light he was using since I could not always see the catchlight in his subjects eyes.  Now I know why – he uses the flash off camera and sort of jumps out at his subjects and raises the flash with one hand while shooting with the camera held lower in his other hand.  This technique seems to work really well for him, maybe because he hasn’t changed much about how he works in decades.  He has a really quick eye to recognize interesting subjects on the street.

While reading about him, I found this interesting blog on street photography which has a lot of interviews of well known street photographers like Bruce and also street photos from nearly a 100 cities.

If you are interested in street photography, you should definitely check out Shooterfiles 

* “Master Profiles” is a series profiling all the great photographers of uncontrolled life. Unlike the rest of the blog, I’m doing these in a straight profile format to make it easy for quick access to facts, quotes and knowledge on all the masters. I’ll also group them together here every time I add a new one. Profile: Bruce Gilden (1946-present) […]

Source: Master Profiles: Bruce Gilden

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