Afghan Box Camera / Kamra-e-Faoree

Afghan Box Camera Project

Today I viewed a post on Reddit from someone who built their own “Afghan Box” and was really intrigued.  What is it?  Basically the Afghan box is a camera inside a box with two dark sleeves on rear and side, developing trays,  and a peep viewer that allow internal development of prints.   I’ve seen such boxes for tin types before.  What’s different about this is the peep hole on the top for watching the prints develop.   The flash that went off in my brain was to combine this concept with direct positive print paper.

The website has really a lot of information about the history and use of the camera as well as some very detailed plans on how to make your own under the camera tab here.

This video on the top of the page under the camera tab will give you a great introduction to how the camera was/is used.

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