Wehman 8×10 camera

The Wehman Field Camera

I recently acquired a Wehman 8×10 Field Camera second hand from Laura C. and it’s really an amazingly light and sturdy camera that folds up into itself and is easily carried into the field.     Sadly these are no longer in production, but you can view them and the instructions and other details on Mr. Wehman’s site. He’s also a talented photographer and has some of his work up in galleries that you should check out too.   The Wehman Field Camera

I’ve wanted to shoot larger format film for some time because I have the idea that the less image compression there is the more palpably real the resulting images will look to the viewer.  I won’t say 3D look to avoid dealing with a lot of chest puffing Sony A7R users, but let’s say I’m curious to see the differences.  I also hope to be able to contact print some of my graphite hands and figure work and possibly make platinum prints and for that I do need a larger negative.

Coming up, I’ll start to detail my experiences working with the Wehman in particular and with 8×10 film as well.

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