EIZO and Lagom monitor tests for checking the quality of your display – that I found really useful!

I’m just setting up a 2nd hand Wacom Cintiq 24 Pro and wanted to check out the display for any flaws and found some great tools on Eizo’s site.   The one on the first link will run through a bevy of different tests so you can check for hot pixels, dead pixels, uniformity, sharpness, color gradation, and sensitivity.    Turns out the Wacom display is truly very good.  Try yours by following the links.  Monitors should be color managed too, and to do that you’d want to build a color profile for your monitor using iOne Display or Xrite, or other similar profiling tools.  

Source: EIZO monitor-test

The second set of monitor testing I found on Eizo’s website also can highlight some of the same issues but using slightly different methods.  Also worthwhile – see here:

Source: Eizo Monitor evaluation page Eizoglobal.com Difference in image quality

I found the Lagom monitor test pages also very useful, especially the explanations and info about each test: http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/

And here is a link to some Monitor test images that John Santic has collected from other sources – (some links may not work). http://johnsantic.com/photo/monitor_test.html

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